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AT&T overhauls data plans, giving you less for less

by Derek Kessler Wed, 02 Jun 2010 9:28 am EDT


AT&T is launching a pretty drastic overhaul of their consumer cellular data plans, and its both good and bad. There’s plenty to cover, so let’s just get to it, shall we?

The current $30/month unlimited data plan is no more. It has been replaced by two new plans, DataPlus and DataPro. DataPlus amounts to 200MB for $15, while DataPro is 2GB for $25. AT&T claims that for 98% of their subscribers, 2GB is more than enough.

If that limit frightens you, this is where the good news comes in. AT&T has also overhauled their data overage structure, giving DataPlus subscribers and additional 200MB as needed for $15, while DataPro users get extra data at $10 a gigabyte. Simple and straightforward, no? Even better, if it turns out you’re either over-using or under-using your plan, AT&T’s going to be extremely flexible about letting switch back and forth between DataPlus and DataPro. You can call and have your plan changed at the next billing cycle, have it prorated immediately, or - hold on to your seats - have the plan retroactively applied to the entire current billing cycle. And just to make sure you’re able to keep tabs of how much of your plan you’re using, AT&T will send you text message alerts at 65%, 90%, and 100% usage.

There’s more good to be had. Tethering is coming to AT&T subscribers as well, in the form a $20 add-on charge for the privilege of sharing your smartphone data plan with your computer and other devices. No word on whether or not this means Mobile Hotspot is headed to webOS devices on AT&T. Considering that’s the only sanctioned way to tether with webOS (and really, why would you want anything other than a Wi-Fi hotspot?), we would be surprised if Mobile Hotspot didn’t come to AT&T in short order.

Current subscribers, as usual, get to keep their old plans if they so desire. The new DataPlus and DataPro plans will be enacted on June 7th.

Via: Engadget Mobile
Source: AT&T