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Attach multiple files to an email [webOS 3.x]

by Adam Marks Tue, 23 Aug 2011 12:01 am EDT

One big improvement that we have been to the compose email functionality in webOS 3.0 is the ability to attach multiple files to an email at the same time. Whereas in webOS 1.0 or 2.0 you could only attach one file at a time and therefore had to repeat the process over and over to select multiple files for the same message, that is longer necessary now.

To attach files to an email:

  • Tap the paperclip icon in the top-left of a compose email card
  • Select if you want to attach Photos, Videos or Documents
  • If you are selecting Photos:
    • Select the folder/album that the pictures belong to.
    • You can scroll through the list or tap in the search field and type-to-filter down the name of the folder. Tap the folder you want
    • Tap to highlight on all of the photos you want from that folder and then press OK
  • If you are selecting Music or Documents:
    • All your files will be shown as one long list.
    • You can tap on the search field to filter by name
    • Tap on each file you want to attach and press OK

If you want to attach a different file-type (Photos, Music, Documents) or you want to select photos from a different folder, repeat the process above. Otherwise, continue to address the email and send it out,



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