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Audio shortcut keys

by Adam Marks Mon, 10 Sep 2012 6:48 pm EDT

Pre3 playing podFrenzyOne of the benefits of having a physical keyboard on your webOS smartphones is the ability to have keyboard shortcuts that are always available to you. While these shortcuts can include things like copy/paste or contact speed-dials, you also have the ability to control your audio playback in many of the available music or podcast-type applications, although some apps have more options than others. 

The most common shortcut appears to be the spacebar key that will start or stop the audio playback. This can be found in apps just as the stock Music app, Music Player (Remix) or drPodder/podFrenzy, but other shortcut keys seem to differ from app to app. Here is a list of some of the more common audio apps and the known keyboard shortcuts. If you know of other shortcuts or other apps, please leave a comment and we will update the tip.

Stock Music App:

  • Spacebar for pause/play seems to be the only shortcut available

Music Player (Remix):

  • Music Player (Remix) has quite a few keyboard shortcuts. For the full list, swipe-down from the top-left in the app to view the dropdown menu, then select "Help", "Hidden Features", then "Keyboard music controls". Here are a some of them that you should know:
  •  While playing music, spacebar will pause/play, while "0" or "." will go to the next or previous song, respectively
  • Pressing Shift (Shift key) or Sym key will enter playlist preview mode and preview the previous song or the next song, respectively.  Then press Q to queue up that song to play next, or A to move that song to the end of the playlist
  • Press backspace (Backspace) to bring up the "fine-tuned music controls" up that will let you rewind or advance in 5, 30 or 60 second increments using the onscreen buttons or the Option (Option key), z, x, m, comma, or Enter (Enter key) keys

drPodder and podFrenzy

  • One of our favorite podcast apps, you can press spacebar to pause/play, but also use the 0 and Shift (Shift key) keys to rewind 20 or 60 seconds, or the period or Sym key keys to advance 20 or 60 seconds.
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