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Auto-wrap text in some WAP-based browser sites

by Adam Marks Tue, 08 Feb 2011 12:14 am EST

Before mobile phones had web browsers that could display websites in a similar fashion to a desktop computer, many mobile websites were built for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) browsers that were mainly text-based sites with minimal amounts of graphics. Some of these sites are still around and typically do not look very good when viewing on webOS's webkit browser. However, while it's not clear if this is a feature or a bug, there is a way to cause some of these sites to wrap their text based on the resolution of your device. Using as an example, you can see that when the page first loads, the text is really small and hard to read without zooming in. However, if you press and hold on any link (this is important, you must find a web link), the page will re-wrap to read better. You may still need to do a quick double-tap to zoom in, but this should make reading on these sites a more enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, you will have to redo this press-and-hold on a link on every page, and this is not guaranteed to work on every WAP site there is, but at least it's something.




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