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Save/Restore So you have finished all the levels on Angry Birds, have all your feeds set up in DrPodder and spent the better part of a week setting up Mode Switcher just right, but now it's time for you to swap out your phone for an upgrade or to run the webOS Doctor. You are worried that you will lose all the progress you made in your games or reset all of your system and application preferences, and for good reason. The Palm Backup app only backs up certain aspects of your Palm Profile (as documented on this Palm Support article), and none of your application data is included in that backup. Luckily, the geniuses at WebOS Internals created the Save/Restore app to backup that data.

You can refer to this PreCentral article on Save/Restore for more complete details on how to use the app, or continue reading after the break for some key notes about Save/Restore and the exact steps you should follow when backing up and then restoring your device.


  • Always use Preware to install Save/Restore. webOS Quick Install will not install some additional packages that Save/Restore requires to work
  • Make sure to backup your Save/Restore data to your computer or an online cloud storage service.
  • While SMS/MMS and Memos are backed up with Save/Restore, there is currently no way to restore this data.  Instead, you have a .html file that you can refer back to.
  • Not all apps are currently supported by Save/Restore, as individual scripts need to be manually written for each app. However, if you have an app that you would like added, please visit the Save/Restore Forum thread and request it.
    • Note that if it is a paid app, you may need to include a bounty so a script writer could purchase the app (read about the bounty system on the first page of the forum thread), or you can try to build a script yourself by following this walkthrough.
  • Many apps require a Luna Restart for the restore to work.  Even if the app does not state that a restart is required, it's always a good idea to perform a Luna Restart immediately after performing a restore.
  • There are some additional scripts available to provide some enhanced functionality (including ZIPing up your entire "saverestore" directory), but are not installed by default.  Please refer to this readme file for details on what scripts are available and how to access them

To Back-up your data

  1. Open Preware, swipe down from the top-left of the screen to bring down the Preware Application menu, select "Saved Package List" and click "Update"
  2. Open Save/Restore, select "Save Application Data" and click "Save Selected" (all apps are selected by default, but you can uncheck any if desired)
  3. Connect your phone to a computer, connect as a USB drive, and make a copy of the "saverestore" directory to your computer. Also, make a copy of any data that you want to back up from the USB drive since that data is also not stored in your Palm backup

To Restore you data

  1. After a doctor/phone swap, sign back into your Palm Profile, let all your App Catalog Apps reinstall, and then install Preware back on your phone. Then, using Preware, install Save/Restore back on to your phone, too. (Rememeber, DO NOT USE webOS Quick Install to reinstall Save/Restore)
  2. Connect your phone to a computer, connect as a USB drive, and move your old copy of the "saverestore" directory back onto the phone, along with any other data you backed up.
  3. Eject your phone from USB Mode
  4. Open Save/Restore, select "Restore Application data", select only Preware and click “Restore Selected”
  5. If you are upgrading to a new webOS version, restart your device.  This will modify the Preware feeds to your new webOS version number.
  6. Open Preware, swipe down from the top-left of the screen to bring down the Preware Application menu, choose "Saved Package List" and click "Install All"
  7. For each app that you plan on restoring data to, open and close each app in order to initialize the cookies and databases for that app
  8. Open Save/Restore, choose "Restore Application data", click "Select All" (or choose just the apps you want to restore), and then click "Restore Selected"
  9. Immediately perform a Luna Restart

If you have any questions or issues with the app, please post in the Save/Restore Forum Thread.

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