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Just like HotSyncing your old PalmOS device to a PC to backup your personal data, webOS devices offer a similar feature to backup your data. However, instead of backing up to a PC, webOS relies on a cloud-based solution that performs a daily automatic sync over your cellular or Wi-Fi connection. All of the data stored within your Palm Profile gets sent to a secure Palm server and is encrypted so only you have access to it (although there is no current online way to access the data, as it's only available if you need to re-download it to a different webOS device).

It's important to note that not all of the data on your phone is backed up, but rather just things like your contacts or calendar entries stored to your Palm Profile, your linked synergy accounts, the apps you have downloaded (and their location on your Launcher), and so much more. Please be aware that any files you have saved on to your USB drive,  any progress you may have made in your games, or information you added to 3rd party apps are NOT included in this backup. See this Palm Support page article to learn exactly what is backed up via your Palm Profile, and you may want to familiarize yourself with WebOS Internals' Save/Restore Homebrew app to plug the gaps in what is and is not backed up.  However, keep reading after the break to learn how to ensure that your Palm Profile data is being backed up on a regular basis

To ensure that your data is being backed up, open up the Backup App () and make sure that Backup is switched to "ON" in the top-right corner of the screen. Also, check the "Last backup" date listed on the top-left. If the date is not within the last 24 hours, the first thing you should do is tap the "Back up now" button on the bottom of the screen to initiate a manual backup.  Keep an eye out for the next few days to see if the automatic backup is occurring (it should happen exactly 24 hours after your manual backup). If it is not, you should give Palm support a call or online chat because you may have an issue with your phone. One possible fix for this has been to turn Backup Off and then back On to try and get it back on a schedule. You will notice that when you turn it off, you will get a warning that your backup on Palm's servers will also be deleted, which is not an issue if you turn it right back on and manually initiate a new backup.

Unfortunately, there have been a number of incidents where the backup app won't allow you to turn it back on (it happened to this writer). In this situation, the only fix seems to be to do an Erase of your phone and re-download and set up your device.  Make sure you know your Palm Profile's email address and password before doing that erase! Also, be sure to contact Palm before you do this because they will need to push an older saved version of your backup to your profile since you already erased your current one in the prior step. That is why it's a good idea to do a manual backup for a few days to establish a backup history for Palm to pull from, otherwise you run the risk of losing all your recent changes to you Palm Profile contacts, calendar, memos, etc. If that still doesn't fix your issue, you may need to take a trip to the webOS Doctor.


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