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Bad Kitty 1.5 bringing speed, other enhancements, and speed 14

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 07 Sep 2010 12:51 pm EDT

  Bad Kitty

We've been testing the new version 1.5 of Bad Kitty and here's what you need to know: it's stupid-fast, crazy-pretty, and insanely-filled with features. If you are looking for all of the above in a Twitter client, just wait. It has been submitted to Palm for review and we expect to see it live soon.

Bad Kitty keeps its basic structure of showing classy overview pages that you drill into to get to your twitter lists, then back out of to switch. Many people prefer a button structure (I know I do) where you are one tap away from switching between your full list and your @ replies. What may surprise you is that Bad Kitty is So Fast that with this app, it's not as painful as you might thing to do all those back swipes. The lack of a new tweet button is not a problem - you can "Just Type" to start a tweet.

But all that is old news with Bad Kitty - what's new, including a photo gallery, a neat wallpaper for ya, and a video showing the speed, is after the break!

In terms of new features, well, name what you want. We have two all new skins that look great, a Reply-All feature that lets you add everybody included in the previous tweet you're replying to, quick profile search (Just Type with the @ symbol and name), improved image support with the ability to save images as wallpapers directly, new retweet options, trending topics, and Bad Kitty auto-scrolls to the 1st new tweet, effectively saving your place in your stream. And more.

Have we mentioned speed? It's fast. In the few cases where it needs to take a moment (i.e. when you change certain preferences or on first load), you are greeted with a neat little Bad Kitty spinner. Here's a big version of it for the those of you who love psychedelic cats:

We're especially fond of the new individual tweet options that show up on the single tweet view. You can swipe the bottom button bar to the left to reveal more options including several to share or copy links to the tweet - a feature sorely lacking in most Twitter clients. All told, you can do the following with any tweet:

  • Reply / Reply All
  • Re-Tweet new or old style
  • Favorite
  • DM
  • Delete (if it's yours)
  • Copy tweet text
  • Copy tweet URL
  • Email tweet text
  • Email tweet URL
  • View profile
  • View Image - they show inline in the single tweet view, and you can tap to get a pinch/zoom mode in-app that lets you save the photo or set it as your wallpaper

Bad Kitty also has added new ways to talk to other webOS apps - so they can launch Bad Kitty directly to a new tweet page or a profile page. 

All of these features are packed into an interface that remains amongst the cleanest and simplest of all the twitter clients. It's also, in my testing, the fastest. Put it on your shortlist.

Update: another awesome feature - in every screen you can foward-swipe to refresh!