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Enyo support to be present in webOS 2.2 on the HP Pre3

by Derek Kessler Fri, 29 Jul 2011 3:23 pm EDT

Ask any webOS 3.0 developer and they'll tell you that despite its many good qualities (sliding panels, web view, modular coding, etc), Enyo still has some rough edges. But it works well on the HP TouchPad. When the TouchPad was announced back in February, HP also announced the Veer and Pre3 smartphones, with the latter due to support Enyo in addition to phone-sized Mojo apps. The other day HP started accepting apps for the Pre3, but failed to mention Enyo, much to our disappointment.

Now we know why. As HP noted when accepting app submissions, they planned to push out an updated Pre3 emulator this week. According to reports coming out of the Early Access Program, the webOS 2.2 emulator was made available last night, and it has support for Enyo. That Enyo support is for version 1.0, which comes with the same rough edges as Enyo 1.0 on the TouchPad. Additionally, there are some other kinks to work out. Namely, the absence of high-resolution graphical assets for Enyo on the Pre3. See, the Pre3 has a pixel density of 260ppi, while the TouchPad's significantly larger screen clocks in at just about half that at 132ppi. The Pre3, however, upscales by a factor of 1.5x, which means some Enyo user interface items (like the sliding panel grab handles) will be all sorts of fuzzy on the phone. They could do 2x scaling, but then the UI items would be massive on the phone's smaller screen.

Then there's that whole part where there are not yet any Enyo phone app design guidelines and the difficulties with cramming an app designed for the phone onto the tablet. In short, you can do Enyo on the Pre3, but it won't be perfect. HP hasn't started accepting Enyo app submissions for the Pre3, but plans to in the next few weeks. They’re also working on full Enyo support for the Pre3 and other webOS smartphones (likely just the Veer and Pre 2), but that will come at a later date.

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