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Battling the Palm Pre 'Oreo-effect,' DIY-style

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 23 Jul 2009 4:57 pm EDT

We've covered Palm Pre hardware issues and the dreaded "Oreo effect" (where your Pre twists like an Oreo) quite a bit and even addressed the question of whether or not these sorts of things are happening to the Pre more than with other smartphones.  We still don't have a good answer to that (we lean towards 'no'), but since the Oreo effect is making its way around the blogosphere again, we figured we'd point out some enterprising members of our forums have solved it for themselves with some daring hardware hacks. 

Come join us as we survey the warranty-busting options!

Now, you should be fully aware that trying any of this is a near-guaranteed way to void your warranty, but sometimes the risk of some minor hardware modification is worth it to avoid the hassle of exchanging your Pre.

The key issue for the Oreo effect is having too much play with some tabs and sliders that you can see underneath your battery, we have them highlighted above.  Basically if there's too much space or wiggle on these bits, you're going to have a wobbly slider.

There have been plenty of fixes posited in our forums, but we're going to point out just a couple.  One comes from wordweaver, who simply used some very gentle pressure on those bent-up tabs to get the slider back into norms.  If that's not ambitious enough for you, turtle3 took a different route.  Instead of fiddling with the tabs (which, let's be honest, could weaken them), turtle3 focused on making the rails on which they slide just a little bit thicker by very carefully applying layers of superglue to them.  Added thickness to the rails did just the trick for turtle3, who also provided step-by-step instructions on the method.

Definitely enterprising solutions, but as Addie_Goodvibes reminds us (backing up turtle3's original post), there really is meant to be some play on these tabs and rails, so you're quite possibly risking damaging your Pre.

Finally, other members have gone so far as to try to tighten up the various screws you can find under the battery and battery door, but we definitely advise against that.  Not only can it void your warranty (some of the screws are under stickers), but many / most of those screws aren't meant to be clamped down super hard and you could easily damage your Pre, as geodim sadly discovered.

My new Palm Pre has no twist to speak of, how about yours?