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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:52 pm EST
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Global news at your fingertips! Beeb news fetches news content from the BBC news feeds. The application allows one to switch news category views quickly by one of the following: 1) use the drop down menu on the upper right 2) use the navigation buttons on the bottom of the page or 3) flicking the page left or right. Tapping on items displays the mobile view of the news article. You are given the option (tap on icon at bottom right of the article page) to share the article link via Clipboard copy (and paste e.g. to your Twitter client), Facebook status update or email. I have also put in some BBC news podcasts as well as the BBC World radio live stream which you can access by tapping on the podcast icon on the upper left. If you want more Podcasts, please provide me with feedback (my contact links are in the About page in the menu) All content is provided by BBC News feeds via and is subject to their Terms of Use and the BBC Privacy Policy. Beeb News is completely freeware and made available to the webOS community as a handy means to access BBC News. Update 1.8.5 : Bug fix for saving the Default news feed in the Preferences page. It gave some users "Blank pages" after saving the new default. Apologies. Update 1.8.8 Added The Archers podcast, Back gesture in Podcast view now goes back to the Default news page. In article view, you can optionally open a separate browser in mobile or fullview. Update 2.0.0 Added Save article capability. The article info (link, description, date etc) are stored but the article retrieval depends on an Internet connection and the availability of the article on the BBC website. Update 2.0.1 Fixed 404 issues with Video pages - it will display the full view since there is no mobile equivalent of these pages Update 2.04 Added Click and Outlook Podcasts. Added Refresh option for Article view. Application icon is courtesy of David Rhyne of

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