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Beer Knurd - Flying Saucer UFO Club 4

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:07 pm EST
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This is it, the unofficial, Flying Saucer, Beer Knurd app. This wonderful app (for BeerKnurd members only) assists you in your quest to 200 beers by keeping track of beers you are drinking, have tasted and have yet to enjoy - all across multiple cards. Didn’t get credit for a beer? This will track that. Bored behind someone who can’t decide what tickets to print? Just mark it as “drinking” from the comfort of your table and print tickets when the line gets shorter. Want to rate beers and add comments so you can enjoy or avoid them in the future? Enter ratings and comments on the fly and sync it to the Beer Knurd web page next time you refresh the list. Know the name of the beer, but don’t want to scroll down so far? Start typing the name and it will magically appear right before your eyes. Out of town and want to visit a sister store? Get a map or call them from the upper drop down menu, just select “stores”. You can even text and email beers to friends so they can order it while you are heading to the Saucer! Sort beers in 1 of up to 8 methods and filter them by their tasted status. Go with two lines of text in the list view to see names with tasted status, style and ratings –OR– speed things up with only the names showing! All beers are stored on the Pre for offline access; just hit the “refresh” button to sync to the server! Ver 1.1.4 adds launcher icon selection under "Accounts and Preferences" and now tasted beers show the date that they were credited to your account in the list view.

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