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Bell to release Self Serve app for webOS

by Derek Kessler Wed, 20 Jan 2010 2:54 pm EST

Bell Since launch day, every Palm Pre and Pixi on Sprint has come with a little app that launches into a custom Sprint portal with news and links to information about your account. It looks as if Bell is going to follow the same route, though their app will be of the optional App Catalog variety. As reported over at Mobile Syrup, Bell is releasing a “Self Serve” app that will do the same for owners of Palm Pre phones on Bell. Self Serve the app will give Bell customers one-click access to Self Serve the website, where users can manage their accounts and track minute, text, and data usage. webOS users won’t be the only ones getting in on the action, as Bell is also releasing the app for the BlackBerry Storm and Tour (through BlackBerry App World).

Thanks to mtsem for the tip!