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Bell to release TV app for webOS

by Derek Kessler Wed, 09 Dec 2009 2:59 pm EST

Pre movie

While Sprint webOS users have long been blessed with all sorts of network-specific fancy apps like Sprint TV and Sprint Navigation, our friends up in Canada have been languishing in a land of TV-less Pre phones. No longer, say the folks at Mobile Syrup, who have caught wind of a new Bell-specific app on the way: Bell TV (or Vu!, we’re not sure).

Unlike Sprint’s app, Bell TV will be an extension of Bell’s current Pay-per-Vu! movie and television service. As such, it requires that you already be a subscriber to Bell’s TV service, and as you might expect it is a pay-per-view system and will charge your account for every show you watch. It’s better than nothing, and nobody’s going to gripe about having to pay for movies.

We’re told to expect Bell TV (or Vu!) in the App Catalog on December 11th, otherwise known as this Friday.

[via: The MX Web]