Bell slashes plan costs for Pre (again), can be had $35 a month | webOS Nation

Bell slashes plan costs for Pre (again), can be had $35 a month

by Derek Kessler Thu, 02 Sep 2010 12:56 pm EDT

$35-a-month Palm Pre on Bell If you’re in Canada and you’ve been waiting for the most ridiculous deal ever before you’d jump on the webOS bandwagon, Bell is doing their best to ensure that you run out of excuses. Previously Bell had implemented a discount that brought the price of monthly service for a Palm Pre down to a starting rate of $50 a month. Now they’re throwing an additional unadvertised $15 a month on top of that, cutting the minimum monthly commitment to a paltry $35 a month on a three-year contract.

That’s a paltry $1.15 a day for 200 talk minutes and 500MB of data, with an additional option of doubling those minutes, having unlimited texting, unlimited calls and texts with five preselected numbers (your Unlimited Five), or free nights starting at 5 PM. A good deal, no? Oh, and the Palm Pre is free on Bell. Still.

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