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Ben & Dion Discuss webOS 2.0, Cross-Platform Development

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 14 Oct 2010 1:12 pm EDT

Palm's latest Developer Podcast features Ben & Dion discussing webOS 2.0, cross-platform development, and a few of the events that Palm Developer Relations has gone to and will go to soon.

There's nothing that we could glean that's new compared to what we have already seen from webOS 2.0, but they did mention one development opportunity that hadn't occurred to us. Namely: creating apps that are designed from the get-go to use multiple cards. Since webOS 2.0 brings Stacks to the table, it's less of a pain if an app utilizes multiple cards - it stops being a hassle and suddenly becomes a big opportunity. Palm promises that they will be bringing that feature to their Facebook app.

So developers, give it a watch. Oh, one more thing. Ben, Dion - while we can forgive you for forgetting that Scrubs has already done an excellent musical episode, we cannot forgive the Sprockets reference. Ever.

Source: YouTube; Thanks webOS Toaster!