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Best Buy caves, will sell remaining TouchPad stock at steep discounts [Update: all gone]

by Derek Kessler Sat, 20 Aug 2011 10:21 pm EDT

First Best Buy wanted nothing to do with the TouchPad, so much so that they'd even give you your money back. Tonight, they've changed their tune. Whether by customer demand or begging from HP, Best Buy is now planning to sell the TouchPad at massive discounts: 16GB for $99.99 or 32GB for $149.99, with the caveat of only one model per customer.

The pricing is effective immediately at both physical stores and (with limited inventory), though as of this writing a search for the SKUs and TouchPad in general did not return positive results. This is a welcome move for those looking for discounted TouchPads, as it seems most of the retailers that have offered the steep discounts have sold out almost immediately. But if HP has more than 200,000 of these lying around, they might not sell out so quickly. Additionally, Best Buy has reinstated their price match policy and will refund the price difference to those that really do want to keep their TouchPads.

The real irony of this firesale is that HP has finally managed to make the TouchPad at least somewhat popular and has greatly expanded the size of the webOS user base. Funny how now that HP wants nothing to do with webOS hardware, it's finally selling like hotcakes. Of course, the insanely low pricing has a lot to do with that.

Update: That didn't take long.

8:14pm CST 08/21/11: We are sold out of the HP TouchPad both in store and online and will not be receiving more inventory.

Source: Best Buy; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!