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Best Buy TouchPad training begins at the end of the month, getting dedicated display tables

by Derek Kessler Fri, 03 Jun 2011 4:36 pm EDT

We’ve all but nailed down the retail release channels for the HP TouchPad. We’re looking at OfficeMax, Staples, Wal-Mart, and now Best Buy. An anonymous source has tipped us that training for store sales reps is expected to begin around the end of the month, though the TouchPad may launch in stores before that. HP reps will be coming around to stores during July to do in-person TouchPad demonstrations for the sales staff (apparently these sort of demos from HP personnel happen often well after the release of HP products, while "special reps" do demos for things like phones).

Additionally, another Best Buy tipster has informed us that the retail giant’s 'Computers Department' is due for an overhaul that’s going to rearrange things for a more open feeling – tipster says the new design is reminiscent of an Apple retail store layout, complete with cleaned up signage and price tags. The Computers Department (at least in this store) will also receive at least two Best Buy Mobile terminals so that customers buying cellular-enabled tablets and laptops will be able to be activated on the spot.

Those tablets are going to be getting a lot of shelf space at Best Buy, but the TouchPad is going to be getting some special treatment. Our tipster says that the webOS tablet is going to get is own separate table front and center in the computers department, a “halo product” table, if you will, in the style of the big Apple tables that have taken up residence in Best Buy stores across the nation. It’s notable that the TouchPad is getting a good chunk of shelf space, but it’s even more notable that it’s been deemed important enough to be separated from the rest of the Android tablets that are going to be invading Best Buy’s shelves.

Wondering what that might look like? PreCentral reader Nalek was at his local Best Buy this morning when he saw that big display you see above (it says "coming soon" in the center). From his estimations, it was just as big as Best Buy's display for the iPad 2. In the center it looks to be showing off multitasking, card stacks, Just Type search, some games, Touch-to-Share, and some more apps.

Thanks anonymous and anonymous for the tips, and Nalek for the picture!