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Ok, you’ve set your clock and you have all of your new clothes laid out. Your lunch box is packed with a sure-to-be-delicious peanut butter and banana sandwich with a creamy ice cold milk. As you lay your head on your pillow, there is only one thing going through your mind instead of counting sheep. How many hours till the first day of school? With the magic of webOS in the palm of your little one's hands, you needn’t worry about homework or class. We have found the perfect apps to make the first day and beyond easier.

Animal Alphabet

$0.99, by Innvio (TouchPad)

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The old Fischer Price See and Say has seen its days, but the concept still lives on with the Make a Scene apps and Animal Alphabet. It’s a bright, colorful way for your little ones to learn their ABC’s and about animals, all at the same time. The app gives them a choice of learning phonetically or the alphabet the good old fashioned way. They can touch an animal to learn how for example to say cow; or touch the letters below to find the correct pronunciation. We found it to be the perfect addition to their toys and will keep them busy as their little minds grow.

Learn to Write

$1.00, by GDESIGN (TouchPad)

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In the age of mobile phones and tablets, everything is by touch. Even the keyboard has gone virtual. The art of handwritten letters and indelible ink is an endangered species. Parents fear not, if you want to teach your preschooler some beginning handwriting skills there is Learn to Write. When you first open the app, it looks just like the little notebook they used to hand out to encourage neat penmanship. Only with this app your hands don’t get smacked for writing the letter wrong.The app teaches control using your finger or a stylus; which is encouraged to have the cleanest lettering. It also encouraged to have a parent help with entering the words as they write. Once they have learned to write that particular word, there is a convenient reset button and they can start all over with a brand new word. We think it would be helpful if in the future if the app were able to auto generate words so kids could have the ability to do this on their own. They would feel a sense of accomplishment from learning to write independently. 

Vocab Builder

$1.99, by Middlemind Games (TouchPad and webOS smartphones)

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Whether you want to encourage a spelling bee champion, or prepare for a vocabulary test, or even learn a new word a day, Vocab Builder is a must to increase brain power and verbal skill. You have the option to choose the quick vocabulary test and there an option to start a brand new one under test settings. You can set the test for SAT or GRE (general) levels or a quick test of 15 questions. The object is to to match the definition to the word then you are rewarded with a green check mark or red x. Once you have finished and quizzes, you are given your test results.

American History Books

$4.99, by iStorybooks (TouchPad)

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There is a historical that plagues our nation. That problem is that most of us don't know our history. How many can name the 10 th President of the United States? Thank goodness for iStorybooks; they have found a way put to way to put the historical events in a form that children could comprehend and enjoy with American History Books. Each book is read by a soft spoken Maya Ray and artfully illustrated in a way that gets the story’s idea and mission across. There is a free version which gets you the classic Story of Independence, You can upgrade to the premium version and it gets you that book along with four others. And that's not even the best part you can manually flip throughout the pages with you fingers, or let in go in to movie mode for hands free operation. Number ten was John Tyler, for the record, who rose to the presidency after the death of number nine, William Henry Harrison.

Blackboard Math

Free, by Ukabu (TouchPad and webOS smartphones)

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Like it or not, math is a basic function that everyone has to recognize at some point in their life. It's essential many things, and the more computers take away basic mathematical tasks from us, the more we need to be sure we know it for when we do ineed it. Blackboard Math brings the stereotypical math-on-the-chalkboard-in-front-of-the-entire-class scenario down to a more manageable size: on your TouchPad or webOS smartphone, and wherever you want. Blackboard Math's options are basic math - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - and range in difficulty from easy to hard. It's a good way both to learn by doing and to keep your brain sharp it arithmetic isn't your strong suit.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

Free, by Blackboard Mobile (webOS smartphones)

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For those who are entering college at this time of year, the Blackboard Mobile Learn app is bound to be a necessary implement in your smartphone arsenal. Blackboard Mobile has been around for a couple of years and if your college uses the Blackboard system we can't not recommend you give it a try. It's a simple as registering with your college ID and password and getting your class syllabus, notes, and assignments all displayed right on your webOS device. All of the features of Blackboard, including class discussion and announcements are present, as well as your grades - not that you'll be worry about those.

Khan Academy

Free, by Salman Khan (TouchPad)

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If you want to take on a self-paced approach, Khan Academy offers a curriculum of world-class education on your webOS tablet. You can virtually sharpen your mind on any subject you so choose. From algebra to social economics, there are thousands of videos available to you at no cost. Khan Academy also has a dynamic system for getting help when you need it. There are over 3,300 videos for your learnings pleasure, and as you go you'll be rewarded with badges at each level you complete. Khan Academy is a cool place to learn, watch and expand your horizons to do and be anything.


Free, by Avraham Kadar (TouchPad)

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BrainPOP has an extensive video library where you can watch a new video every day and afterwards take a test to see how much you absorbed. There are free videos to enjoy anytime and safe for the entire family to enjoy. Loaded with great animations and graphics for a learning tool of this type, BrainPOP is not only a joy to watch, but exciting to learn from.

That's what we recommend for your webOS smartphones and tablets for your educational experience, but we know there's more out there. So we have to ask, because we want to know: how do you use your webOS device to enhance your education?