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best webOS magazine apps

Magazines…we have seen them come and go, having a short shelf life on the TouchPad. Premium magazine apps like People, Time and Sport Illustrated have all left the webOS app catalog blaming too low subscription rates to really stay on the platform. Does that mean we have to settle for just RSS feeds or what we find on the web? NO! Fear not, your friends at webOS Nation have found the perfect magazine apps to feed the itch you feel to read. 



Free, by Chapter Media (for the TouchPad)

Stuff TV for Touchpad

Well we don’t have the Verge or Mashable apps like our friends with iPads or Android tablets, but we have found something comparable. Stuff.TV is an all tech, all consumer digital magazine that hails from UK. Mostly known for their video podcasts and tech blog journalism, Stuff.TV has everything you wanted to know about mobile technology, media, design, and the automobile industry. All wrapped up in high definition video and photographs. Its eye candy for geeks like you and me who want to know what's new and hot. Specifically made for the TouchPad, which is rare to say, you will enjoy flipping through it day by day; and month by month. We think it’s one of the best magazine apps for tech available on the TouchPad.

Ebooker Explorer

Free, by Flightbooker, LTD (for the TouchPad)

ebooker explorer for touchpad

If your thing is travel, we have got you covered there as well. Want to know more about the streets of New York, or the ruins in Rome? Perhaps gaze at the French Rivera, or see the rugged terrain down under? Ebooker Explorer has the most breath taking photographs and video seen anywhere on a tablet. Thus, giving you relevant and interesting information about the places you want to see from around the world. Ebooker Explorer even posts real tweets from people who have actually visited the places you are interested in so its a real world review. You even get virtual tours of hotels in the area as well. The big bonus is that after you have taken a gander at a place you’d like visit, you can actually book the hotel in that city right from your TouchPad. No travel agent required and no added pressure to sign the dotted line to make plans, you do it at your leisure.  So lie in your hammock, pour yourself a fresh glass of iced tea and enjoy the world treasures thanks to Ebooker Explorer.

Andoni Canela

Free, by N02, mobile and web applications (for webOS smartphones)

andoli canela for the touchpad

Remember when you were young and your parents had National Geographic and you would be mesmerized by all the pictures from exotic locations around the world? What does this have to do with magazines? Andoni Canela, a photographer famous for National Geographic brings those photos directly to your webOS smartphone. There are only 10 photos in all, but he’s captured the beauty of the landscape, the snow caps of the mountains, and each petal of every flower. Sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s not. The best part of this app you can use the photos as wallpaper for your phone. Artists' of this caliber have their work frames in the finest museums of the world; and you’d expect to pay a premium to own their work. Luckily it’s free for all to enjoy and add beauty to your phone.


Free by Zite (for the TouchPad)

zite for the touchpad

One of the things we love about the TouchPad is the great community that surrounds it. So fantastic and brave that they will pull together to get the apps they love on the platform. We know that iOS and Android have  Flipboard, well we have Zite. Zite is defined as a word meaning Zeitgeist or the “spirit of the times". What’s great about this app is the fact you can customize it to the things that interest YOU. You sign on and begin choosing categories like art, tech, religion or food. Each time you use it, the app gets better and better about picking articles and videos that you would enjoy. You have the option to connect via your favorite social network. Sometimes that doesn’t always work and you'll receive an error message. You'll always have the option to share information within the app to any social network that you prefer. Oh did we tell you it plays video too?  It’s just fantastic!  So we recommend you sit back and enjoy the magnificent digital magazine that is Zite.


Free, by Zinio Publishing (for the TouchPad)

zino for the touchpad

With magazines like People, Sports Illustrated and Time which all flew the coop a few months ago, where can the lover of design, music and world events find a cure for their literary addictions? The answer is Zinio my friends!  A full subscription library filled with almost every popular magazine known to man. Known as an iOS app that made its way into the webOS app catalog, and we are just pleased as punch it did. You have the option to browse selected monthly articles, shop via category different magazines or use the search feature. You can read magazines, from Wired, Elle Decor, Rolling Stone or Newsweek and many more. Catch up on the latest gossip reading US magazine or study the latest in fashion by reading Harper’s Bazaar.  The Choices are absolutley endless. 

You can buy one magazine at a time or buy a yearly subscription. You know those little cards for special deals that fall out of the magazine? Gone! Because you can opt in to get special deals via email; and sometimes they are cheaper than offers you get online. Every magazine is stored in the cloud so whatever device you have if you have the Zinio app, it will show in your library. You can also look at your library anytime online via your laptop or PC. Now that you have found where to get your magazines, what’s stopping you? Download the Zinio app for the TouchPad and enjoy your favorite magazines anywhere.