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Best webOS Movie and Video Apps

by Sharon L Copeland Sun, 20 May 2012 4:49 pm EDT


Best Movie Apps on webOS

Popcorn check, Slurpee check, chocolate covered peanuts check, sweetheart check; and finally tickets to the hottest movie in the country, check. You’re all set to take your seat in the darkened theater, and as the lights lower, you know it makes happy you planned all of this on your webOS device.

We know there are not many movie apps in the webOS catalog, but what we do have will serve the purpose of an entertaining night out; and for planning for a comfortable night in. So we invite you to peruse the fine selection of apps we found just for you.


For the theater…


Free, by (for webOS smartphones)

Flixster on Pre 3

Flixster is one of the best apps for webOS smartphones to see what new movies are playing in your area. Flixster is able to show high resolution movie trailers, has an option to select your favorite movie theater with show times, and offers in-depth reviews. It’s your own personal movie guide in the palm of your hands. The one thing we wished we had was a way to see the ultraviolet movies which you can download on the main website. Flixster for webOS is a perfect for finding the right movie after lunch, after dinner or for cuddle time with the one you love.


Free, By (for webOS smartphones, excluding the Pre 3)

WP Central

Need movie tickets after you have finished that cappuccino? Need a family friendly movie for the kids to go to with Grandma while you need a time out? Fandango is the premier movie ticket app for millions of movie goers. With summer being a peak time for movie going, it’s best to order your tickets in advance with Fandango. You can purchase tickets for early shows at a discounted rate and have the extra dough for that 7.00 bucket of popcorn. It is also interactive, letting know you if movies are worth the price of admission or if they are just so-so, so don’t bother. 

You can set up an account manually or login through Facebook. You can also load up your account information for future purchases securely with peace of mind. With the newest update, it gives you a QR code to scan your ticket at the ticket window, making it fast and easy to avoid the long lines. Don't fret, you will still be able to get confirmation codes via email and text. Fandango by literary terms is a Spanish-American dance with lots of rhythm. We think you will be dancing with joy knowing your movie plans are set.

For the home and on the go...

MyQ for Netflix

.99, by (for webOS smartphones and TouchPad)

My Q for Netflix on touchpad

The one thorn in webOS’ side is the fact we never got regular Netflix like other platforms. Netflix has the power to make or break a platform it seems, even though webOS can do much more than the other god-like phones, we were left out in the rain. Many thanks to, because they got us closer than anyone else did on getting Netflix on our devices. this is how MyQ for Netflix works.

MyQ for Netflix links up to the Netflix severs through authentication, and gives you a listing of your Queues and lists for your DVDs and instant streaming movies, so you have the power to add and remove as you please. The downer is that you can’t watch anything instantly via app. If you have the CM9 installed on your TouchPad you clearly won’t have problem with that. We at webOS nation encourage you to try out this fine app for your DVD selection at home or anywhere.

Video Flood HD

1.99 by 13 App Design (for the TouchPad)

Video Flood HD on TouchPad

When you’re riding on a train for 30 minutes, or waiting in the doctor’s office for a couple hours you want to be entertained; or at least make the time go by faster while sitting on that butcher paper. Have we found the perfect app for you. Since most bus stations, hospitals, or doctors’ offices have Wi-Fi now a days there is nothing stopping you from enjoying Video Flood HD which lets you enjoy movies, TV and You Tube all on your TouchPad.

The only drawback we found is when you attempt to select a movie which leads you to It doesn’t really let you register properly to watch movies via the app (which has a great selection), but you don’t get a formal notification that you can. However, watching the TV shows, video podcasts and video thru the You Tube viewer works great. you can watch thru the on line viewer, or download them on your TouchPad, but it takes a while. If you can get through the 40 second commercials, we think you will be quite happy with the beautiful resolution of the videos and great sound Video Flood HD delivers.

HP Movie Store

Free, by RoxioNow (for the TouchPad)

HP Movie store on TouchPad

When the TouchPad launched we were giddy with delight we finally had a full functional movie and TV show app. When compared to the iPad, the best function of the app is that it stores all of your video in the cloud so you will never, ever lose them. The movies and videos here are priced quite reasonably, especially the movie rentals. Some are even less expensive than ones in the iTunes store. The HP movie store carries the most of the blockbuster movies and TV shows as the iOS app store and Google play. The variety is huge!  

From movies like Albert Nobbs to Tower Heist; to shows like the Big Bang Theory to the Middle you can’t go wrong. The prices range form 1.99 for TV shows, to 2.99 for movie rentals and can go up from there -- especially if you want to own some episodes. The glitch we found while surveying the app is trying to watch the trailers. We could hear sound, but saw no picture. We think the HP Movie Store by Roxio is worth the price of admission.  The HP Movie Store powered by RoxioNow can only be found on the TouchPad. Accept no substitutions 

Movie DB

Free, (for webOS smartphones, TouchPad)

Movie DB on Pre 3

So you watched a terrific movie, now you want to know more about it. You want to know about the actors, where it was made, and how much it did in box office. We have got you covered with the Movie DB. It has all the information that a movie fanatic would want to know. It uses the just type technology to lead you to the vital information so you can show off during trivial pursuit. You can have interesting conversations on movie statistics during special occasions and family functions. You have the option to share the information, but we checked that out and it didn’t really work for us. When you tap the IMDB button, you are led the website where you find out even more tidbits and you can watch really fabulous HD quality trailers, all on your phone!  Movie DB is something a movie lover should never be without.

One honorable mention we have is for Film City by Creative Aura. It lets you see where the latest movies are playing with a short synopsis. Film City is totally free. The bad news is you’re not able to view any photos or trailers at this time. Not until a new update. So we’re waiting with baited breath because otherwise the app is really well made,

So there you have it, some of the best movie and video apps on webOS. So you really have no excuse to miss out on the summer blockbusters, and the latest on DVD.