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BFGMaps beta proves that Google Maps can indeed be more functional in webOS

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 20 Jul 2010 9:19 am EDT


There’s little debate that the native Google Maps application that ships with webOS is somewhat… lackluster.   It’s missing several key features such as layers and street view that have been available in competing operating systems for quite some time now, and the app continues to be plagued with performance issues. But fret not, webOS faithful, it’s beginning to look like you won’t have to resign yourself to living with a subpar Maps app for much longer: Palm has made it possible (as demoed in its latest Ares themed Developer Podcast)  for third party developers to take the very same Google Maps widget used in the native application and use it in their own applications, and those devs are finally starting to take notice.

One such app that’s caught our eye in recent times is BFGMaps. While very much in beta (it can currently be downloaded from Palm’s beta feed by way of this link or through Preware), this Google Maps based mapping app brings some much needed functionality, such as (somewhat) working street view, layers for buzz and foursquare and the ability to view bike lanes.  More importantly, it opens and acquires a signal fast.  It tends towards the sluggish side to be sure, there are features missing (search) and the ones that are there aren’t all 100%, but it shows a lot of promise even in this early stage of development as the developer has been iterating quite rapidly. If anything, it should inspire developers to look into making a mapping app of their own - a full-blown Maps app would do very well in the Catalog.

Source: PreCentral Forums; Thanks to Ryley for the tip!