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App Review: Sky Labyrinth 5

by Riz Parvez Sun, 23 Jan 2011 10:15 pm EST

Puzzle fanatics on webOS will have plenty of fun with the latest release from indie developer Willculus, author of Helicopter 3d and the well-received Graphing and Advanced Calculator CT8300 apps. Sky Labyrinth is a challenging 3d puzzle game with a simple premise: roll your rectangular game piece through each maze and get it to stand entirely on the green “exit” square using the on-screen directional controls. Tapping on each arrow causes the piece to fall in that direction, and due to the piece’s shape you have to keep reorienting it to get it past obstacles. While the concept is rudimentary, many of the advanced levels are satisfyingly complex, particularly when collapsing and rebounding floor pieces get thrown into the mix. I was certainly scratching my head trying to manipulate the cube in three dimensions (and often just falling off the board entirely in the process).

Sky Labyrinth was obviously built with “mobile-minute” gameplay in mind. The game isn’t graphically intense, so it loads pretty fast. It also autosaves every time you exit, so you can quickly squeeze in a level or two when there’s a little downtime then just toss the card when it’s time to get back to work. Currently there are 50 levels included in the game, and the developer notes that he plans on adding more, along with new modes and tiles.

On the downside, there are some rough edges still apparent in this initial release of the app. Multitouch camera adjustments lack polish, and game options like level select are absent. A move counter would also be a great addition. Finally, it’d be great if the autosave feature would take into account exactly where you are on the board when the app is closed, but currently it only saves the level and restarts you at the beginning when you return. Willculus noted in response to this that he welcomes user feedback and will be adding more options and features as a result.

So if puzzle games are your thing, Sky Labyrinth is worth a look. The premise is interesting and gameplay is entertaining. The difficulty level seems very good, and autosaving is a nice touch to keep you coming back for more. Sky Labyrinth is available now in the app catalog for $1.99 with a free demo version available as well.