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Bing Maps made available for all webOS phones

by Derek Kessler Wed, 12 Oct 2011 7:56 pm EDT

If you thought your old Palm Pre wasn’t ever going to get another update, well, think again. HP’s still looking out for you, in a way. Tonight saw the surprise release of an updated Maps app for all webOS devices, from the original Sprint Pre to the Verizon Pixi Plus to the AT&T Veer. The update brings Bing Maps to your smartphone, and for the most part it’s the Enyo app from the TouchPad and Pre3 (Update: it's Enyo! though is it Enyo? We don't know, but we do know that support for the framework is not built into versions of webOS older than 2.2)

Even if it’s not Enyo, the new Bing-sourced Maps app comes with all of the same features, including location bookmarks and recent locations. Installation requires a restart of your devices and appears to completely override (overwrite?) the default Google Maps app. So if you’re a fan of Google Maps over Bing, you’ll want to avoid this update. If you don’t care where your mapping data comes from, just so long as it can tell you how to get from A to B, then go right ahead and download. The new Maps app can be downloaded from the App Catalog – just search Maps. It's worth noting that Google will be deprecating the API used to create the webOS Google Maps apps, so it would stop working eventually anyway.

A note of caution for those of you running unofficial systems (e.g. Pre with webOS 2.1, Pre 2 on Sprint, etc), it's possible this update could end poorly for you. Our own Sprint Pre 2 has been booting for fifteen minutes after this update (and that's after two frustrated battery pulls due in an attempt to alleviate the situation). So hang tight for now. It's worth noting that others have had success, so ours could be an isolated incident. Can't say that we're pleased to have our Sprint line out of commission, though.