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It's been awhile since I've used Bing mobile search, primarily because of Google's integration into universal search.  I fired Bing up earlier today after that long hiatus, and I have to say that I'm rather impressed with what Microsoft has done with the mobile implementation of its search engine.

It's clear that it isn't yet 100% optimized for webOS as the on-screen navigation buttons can sometimes obscure navigation links and the maps portion is somewhat broken, but there's still a lot to like.  I enjoy the simpler results page in Bing - Google's has become rather bloated in my opinion, and I find myself rarely using most of the stuff they've added over the last few months - and I enjoy what I feel is a superior image search implementation, and the Local, Movies, and Weather sections all seem to be on par with Google's offering.  I dig Bing, but I'm not 100% sure if I'm ready to make the switch.  Yet.

Speaking of making the switch, adding Bing to Universal Search can be a bit of a challenge unless you're a Verizon Pre or Pixi user, in which case you got the ability to change your default search provider back when 1.4.1 hit.  The rest of us have to add providers to Universal Search by way of Homebrew and patching (the patch enabling you to configure search providers in Universal Search is easily found in Preware).  

Catch the video of Bing action after the break.