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by webos catalog Mon, 21 Mar 2011 9:23 pm EDT
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David Jarvis, MD
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NEW FEATURE - Now Touchpad compatible.

Bishop Score is a tool for physicians, midwives, and OB nurses to calculate the chance of labor induction being successful by cervical exam characteristics. It uses both the classic and modified measurements. I designed it to use in my own practice and to start learning WebOS programming. I could not have done it without Dr Teh's (PalmDoc) gracious support and examples!
v1.1.2 - Donation button added to About page, new support web page link, and misc minor bug fixes, and now assigned to the References - Medical category in App Catalog
v1.1.1 - Now Pixi and Veer compatible. Also minor bug fixes and added buttons to return to main screen.
v 1.0.0 - I cleaned up the support scenes. Not as fancy as I would like, but a good start...

v0.0.2-0.0.4 were in Web Distribution.

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