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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Resurrects the Foleo Concept

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 27 Sep 2010 4:51 pm EDT


Hey HP, we know you're pretty pumped to released a webOS-based tablet, but you should know that you've got some serious competition and it's not just from the folks in Cupertino. As CrackBerry is liveblogging right now, RIM has just announced the BlackBerry PlayBook and it's a 7", 9.7mm thin, dual-core processor-packing, multitasking, 1080p-displaying, 3D-game-playing monster.

It runs a new OS RIM is building off QNX and it supports Flash so completely that Adobe Air is the platform of choice for app development (along with BlackBerry, 'WebWorks,' Java, and more). To add insult to injury, as you can see above it can sync up with BlackBerry Smartphones ala Palm's original Foleo concept. App switching in the new "BlackBerry Amplified" interface also looks a lot like app switching in webOS.

The excitement in BlackBerry camp is awfully high right now. Your move, HP / Palm.

See the BlackBerry PlayBook video at