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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 4:56 pm EST
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Bob Chatter now with a sleeker UI. Bob Chatter allows WebOS users around the world to communicate in a fun and innovative way. Bob Chatter is built from the ground to provide users with a totally unique communication experience. Some of the most unique features are multiple "instances" and Chat2Voice. Join the other 7,450+ Registered users! Chat getting long and boring, start a new "instance" older instances go into "sleep mode", and awoken with activity. Chat2Voice converts main instances into voice files which can be heard. Chat2Voice Instances are now played out loud. Listen to incoming messages when your hands are occupied. Voice files are now also played internally within Bob Chatter. Bob Chatter also introduces "Parties". Have a topic of interest or want a place for you and your friends to chat, start a party. Parties allow anyone to join, contribute and chit-chat. Bob Chatter is easy to use: register, login and chatter away. Chat with O'Chatter, B* Chatr, and Bob Chatter users. Key Features include: import Twitter avatar, instances, private/ public messages, Chat2Voice, sleepy-threads, custom colors, custom background images, shorten URLs, web search, friends list and much more.

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