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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:25 pm EST
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Revisit images of the beautiful women of the James Bond movies.

Addictive learning game pits man versus machine. Who's smarter?

Customer comments:
- 'Like a coffee-table book, relaxing way to spend some quiet time,' Amanda B, Seattle, WA
- 'Down side is my kids justify using my phone all the time,' David Larson, New York, NY
- 'Both my senior and myself have been learning/re-learning chemistry with this app. Thks,' M. Brophy, London, UK
- 'What a wonderful idea,' Becky Drummond, Santa Cruz, CA
- 'Surprised by the impact of this app. New words appear in my social conversations, unconsciously. Great,' Liz Chung, New York, NY
- 'Memorization has been my weakness. This app makes it easy,' Bob Cohn, Montreal, CN
- 'A true pleasure to see my child spending so much time with the SAT app,' Katy French, Atlanta GA

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