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by ahershey Fri, 28 Jan 2011 4:23 pm EST
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Want to keep track of all of your books? Ever see a read a good book and forget the title? Ever here about a good book, but later forget it? Have a large library of books you want to keep track of? Want to keep track of all the books that you have read by a particular author?

BookWorm does all that for you. Enter books title and author and record the genre, status (read, to be read, wanted), source (own, borrowed, library) and type of book (ebook, hardback, paperback, and audiobook). You can even give the book a rating. Once you have entered a title and author, you can even link to the web to read reviews or order a copy.

As you collect books, you can sort by title, author, book type, status and genre. You can also select the books by searching by multiple methods. The app comes with standard genre, but if you want to add more, just go to the Help menu and add your own.

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