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Boy Genius reviews, likes the Palm Pre

by Derek Kessler Fri, 29 May 2009 4:26 pm EDT

Boy Genius Report Yeah, we’re jealous. There’s no use hiding it. Boy Genius Report broke just yesterday that they had a Palm Pre and now they've come out with the review: they like it.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the ROM on the device isn't complete -- the music app wasn't working for them, among other things.

Still, overall the story here is a good one, BGR concludes:

“The OS is great. There’s no ifs ands or buts; it’s really refreshing to see something that’s brand new with a UI unlike anything else out there. [...] their hardware has always been second rate at best and it doesn’t seem to be changing now. Couple that with the nation’s underdog carrier at a $299 price-point (before rebate), and we’re not sure how many people are going to be lined up overnight, yet we’re pretty confident once people are able to play a real unit themselves, there will be more than a lot of happy Palm Pre customers.”

On top of all that, we learned that the screen is awesome, second only to the iPhone (which has the advantage of a glass overlay).  The keyboard, not so awesome.  Neither is the build or material quality of the phone itself. The feeling is described as “a little cheap” and apparently the slider mechanism occasionally would catch on itself when closing.

More or less, Boy Genius Report likes their (not quite fully baked) Palm Pre. It’s not a perfect device - no single phone is, but it is a worthy contender in the increasingly crowded smartphone market. And you can have your own in just over a week!

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!