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Bradley, Rubinstein on stage at web 2.0 summit on 11/16

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Sun, 14 Nov 2010 7:37 pm EST


It isn't a CES keynote, but it may still be noteworthy: on Tuesday, November 16th, Todd Bradley and Jon Rubinstein will be onstage at the Web 2.0 Summit for "A Conversation with HP," hosted by tech author/entrepreneur/Federated Media CEO John Battelle. While the topics for the "conversation" aren't listed, the fact that the two execs in the discussion are, respectively, the executive vice president of HP's Personal Systems Group (the branch that oversees Palm) and the senior vice president and general manager, Palm Global Business Unit, makes it quite likely that Palm smartphones and other devices running HP webOS 2.0 (yes, we're getting used to the new branding) will be on the agenda.

We will of course keep an eye out for revelations or other newsworthy bits that come out of Tuesday's conversation. Between Monday's official availability of the Pre 2 in the UK and possibly Germany, this conference appearance on Tuesday, webOS Developer Day in New York City the next weekend, and maybe even a Verizon Wireless release for the Pre 2 (who knows!), it is promising to be an exciting week for the webOS community.

Source: Web 2.0 Summit