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Welcome to "Homebrew Week" for PreCentral's Tip of the day. We will be focusing on some simple Homebrew apps, patches or hacks that will help you add some key functionality to your phone. No advanced knowledge is necessary, as long as you know how to use webOS Quick Install and Preware.

One of the most requested features of webOS has got to be more "at a glance" information, including an agenda view of your Calendar data, as well as an ability to search your calendar. Unfortunately, due to security limitations of webOS, third-party apps are only allowed to see and modify calendar entries that the app initially created, severely limiting the ability to create any kind of calendar-type app. Fortunately, homebrew apps and patches have access to same APIs that the stock webOS apps use, but as a result will never be available in the App Catalog. Keep reading after the break for a few simply Homebrew solutions to gain access to some at-a-glace and calendar search options.

Agenda App

Agenda App Developer Haeffb made a big splash when he released his Agenda app in the early days of Homebrew because it filled in this great hole in webOS. Not only does this app give you a customizable list-view of all your calendar appointments to quickly scroll through (regardless of which account they are attached to), but it also lets you search your calendar appointments by "just typing" in the app, similar to the email or memo search. By default, the app can be set to show anywhere from 1-31 days at a time, although you can specify any date range, even a years worth or more if you are so inclined (note that as you show a larger range, the load time also increases). There are a multitude of preferences in this app, including the ability to show days with no appointments, show calendar name, add all day events, show notes or location, etc.  This app even has integration with Quick Event, another Homebrew app that will allow you to type out a calendar entry (including name, time, date and location) and quickly add it to your calendar.

Top bar patch

Top Bar Today Patch For really quick access to your current or next day's events, the "System Menu Today Menu" patch by sconix (available in Preware) provides this data with a single gesture. Just as you can swipe down from the top-left corner of the screen to bring down the Application Menu of an App, or swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to bring up the webOS Connections menu, this patch adds a swipe-down from the middle of the top bar (where the time is shown). Which a quick swipe, you will see the current day's appointments which you can tap on to bring up the appointment in the calendar, along with an option to see the next day's appointments. Right now, these are the only 2 days available with this patch.

Besides the two list above, are there any other applications or patches that help you manage your at a glance calendar data or provide calendar search?

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