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A Call To The Colbert Nation

by Jason Robitaille Tue, 10 Mar 2009 4:29 pm EDT

For the past week or so, Colleen Bullington from Palm has been fielding questions in this Facebook thread.  It's been a rather slow thread, so I decided to stop by and give my input:

If you can get Colbert to show the Pre on his show, The Colbert Report, not only will you be able to steal some of current iPhone users, but a whole legion of Colbert fans who look to him on a daily basis. Last I checked his target audience is the same as the Pre's target audience. Just figured it was worth mentioning ;)

Colleen responded quite quickly with:

Great idea -- would love to hear your ideas about how we pitch the Pre to Colbert. Maybe something like "I am mobility (and so can you)"...? ;)

Seemed as though she was joking with me, but shortly after Palm sent out 2 twitter messages, one asking for the Colbert Nation's help/input on the idea (and the second with a working thread URL).

Some may remember Stephen Colbert's long-time love affair with the iPhone.  In fact, the Comedy Central Insider Blog has come up a handy collection of the top 6 iPhone moments on The Colbert Report. Colbert is all-about the latest gadgets and popular trends, and if he can give that kind of treatment to the Pre, that could be a sizable boost to the Palm Pre fanbase. 

So if you know any Colbert Report fans or forums, feel free to spread the word.  Direct your input on the Facebook thread or to Palm directly on their twitter @palm_inc page.  Personally, I'd love to see Roger McNamee do a full-on interview with Colbert, though maybe with a little less iPhone bashing and a little more spotlighting of the Pre's featurelist. Now that would be an interview!  Regardless of how it may happen, here's hoping the Pre gets the "Colbert bump".