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Can Pre survive the economy?

by Jonathan Downer Sun, 15 Feb 2009 5:38 pm EST

In all the hubbub of the Pre announcement at CES last month, we missed an article by eWeek that takes a more sobering look at Palm’s situation, and just how important the Pre is to the company’s survival. They don’t seem to be feeling much of the excitement, and rather critically point out some of Palm’s recent shortcomings in the market place (mainly the lack of any “killer” devices), and that Pre might struggle to gain a foot hold in the face of turbulent economic times, and a host of stiff competition.

While I agree that Palm and Sprint aren’t exactly in the best of positions, I think the article is overly harsh. It’s true that the economy isn’t exactly in stellar shape, but I think that might just play into Sprint and Palm’s favor, rather than work against them. eWeek suggests that to further help themselves, Palm should look to sell the device in as many places as possible, and I honestly agree. The more places the Pre is sold, the more it will be advertised, and the more it will be recognized. I’d love to see it show up in places like Wal-Mart, Target, and anywhere else Palm can think of. I’m convinced that consumers just need to get their hands on the device, and then Pre and WebOS will sell themselves. If they can do that while shopping in Wal-Mart, all the better.

What are your thoughts? Is the article on the spot, or too harsh/too easy? Do you think Pre needs to be a quick hit to survive, or can it afford to build up a user base more slowly?

(Thanks David for the tip!)