Canada to get TouchPad on July 15, Rogers expects to have Pre3 on July 19? | webOS Nation

Canada to get TouchPad on July 15, Rogers expects to have Pre3 on July 19?

by Derek Kessler Sun, 12 Jun 2011 10:14 pm EDT

Technically, with 31 days the 16th is the middle day of July, but the 15th is close enough for us, and certainly our Canadian friends. According to the Financial Post of Canada, the HP TouchPad is due to make good on HP’s mid-July promise for Canadians, with a more solid date of the 15th. Pricing for Canada has been set at CA$519.99 for the 16GB tablet, and CA$619.99 for 32GB. Like in the US, pre-orders will be open on June 19th. Retailers for Canada include HP’s own online store, electronics retailers Best Buy, Future Shop, and The Source, as well as general merchandise stores like Costco, Staples, and London Drugs. Living in Canada and don’t want to wait for the middle of next month? You can hop on down to the US of A for the TouchPad on July 1st, and maybe stay a day or three for some celebratory hot dogs and fireworks (they’re for the TouchPad, we swear...)

Additionally, MobileSyrup is today confirming that date and pricing and another retail outlet: Rogers Wireless. The Canadian carrier has already carried the Palm Pre 2, though initially will only have the Wi-Fi TouchPad in stock (both 16GB and 32GB). Additionally, a hand-written note on their stock sheet indicates that they also expect to be getting the HP Pre3, possibly as soon as July 19th.

Source: Financial Post, MobileSyrup; Thanks to kjb86 and Dave for the tips!