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by kmax12 Tue, 09 Feb 2010 7:02 pm EST
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This is a spirit level or carpenter's level that uses the accelerometer to determine the orientation. I don't find it to be very accurate, but its a fun tool to have. In the code I adjust for how the Pre doesn't sit quite straight. In my Pre this allows it to just about zero out accurately. From my testing it is accurate withing +/-.2 degrees.

As you will see, the graphics are atrocious. This app can't reach its potential without killer graphics. I, unfortunately, can't make them so it is up to you guys.

Usage info

  • have slider closed
  • place pre battery side down
  • app takes a couple seconds to zero in on the correct angle (there maybe be some jumping around)
  • remember this is an app in progress and in beta testing stages
  • card must be maximized otherwise it will pause (for battery reasons)

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