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For those who may have been wondering whether and how HP was planning on advertising Palm smartphones in the coming year, a recent casting call may provide some insight. On December 23, two different ads for performers for "HP Palm Phones" were posted to the DirectCast site:

So they want "young, student, hipster, good style" and no "CORPORATE LOOKING PEOPLE." Well ok then, sounds like a decent enough target market to us. We have good hands, sure, but we're not "SOFISTICATED," so your humble PreCentral writers are out. Anybody out there interested?

Source: DirectCast; Thanks Matt!

Update: A loyal PreCentral reader signed up for the call and after doing so, noticed that the casting page added a bit more info on the shoot, including "HP PALM. the Broadway, the Manta, the Topaz."  Broadway is a phone we've been tracking for some time in relation to the Pixi 2, the Topaz is a codename Engadget pegged as the PalmPad, and the Manta, well, that's new-ish, but the Mantaray did appear earlier this year in webOS 2.0 source code. From new phone rumor famine to codename holiday feast. Here's your screenshot:

Thanks Anonymous, break a leg at the casting call!