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CEO Jon Rubinstein Details Plans to Accelerate webOS Sales in Company Email

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 25 Feb 2010 9:58 pm EST

The Wall Street Journal has published an email written by CEO Jon Rubinstein to all Palm employees. In it, Rubinstein details Palm's earlier guidance today, then he explains what steps are being taken to improve sales moving forward:

 Dave Whalen and I just returned from a very successful meeting with Verizon Wireless, where they acknowledged that their execution of our launch was below expectations and recommitted to working with us to improve sales. To accelerate sales, we initiated Project JumpStart nearly three weeks ago. Since then, nearly two hundred Palm Brand Ambassadors, supplemented by Palm employees from Sunnyvale, have been training Verizon sales reps across the U.S. on our products. Early results from the stores have already shown improvement on product knowledge and sales week over week. You may have also seen a growing number of Palm ads on billboards, bus shelters, buses, and subway stations—all getting the word out about Palm

It's interesting (and gratifying?) to see that Verizon has taken a share of the blame for the Palm Pre Plus' and Pixi Plus' poor showing thus far on Verizon. Having spoken with several Verizon employees throughout the day today, I can say that internally at Verizon there isn't as much enthusiasm for webOS as one would hope - Verizon employees in general are better educated on, more familiar and more comfortable with the Droid by a wide margin. Hopefully this "Project JumpStart" will help to close that gap.

Rubinstein closes the email by planning an all-hands company meeting and also by saying:

Our goals are taking longer than expected to achieve, but I am still confident that our talented team has what it takes to get the job done.

It's odd to think it, but it's still early rounds in the smartphone fight - knowing the team at Palm, they're in it for a few more rounds.