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CEOs say the darndest things: 'Smartphones are just another connected device to us'

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 03 Jun 2010 7:36 am EDT


CEO Mark Hurd sat down with FT on video to talk about HP's future and lovers have smartphones have reason to relax a bit. While Hurd still is pushing the message that Palm's intellectual property gives them an opportunity to put webOS on all sorts of small devices, he's not closing the door on smartphones:

We continue to think mobility will be a very important part of the market. [...] when you think of HP, it'll be a little different from what people talk about the smartphone market. [...] The opportunity for content to be aligned to those interconnected devices [tablets and printers], particularly those small form-factor devices, that intellectual property gives us, we think a tremendous opportunity to work with HP across the ecosystem.

Smartphones are just another connected device to us. For example, building a smartphone or a phone of any type is not a particularly complicated engineering feat - and I don't mean that to be demeaning to anybody in the phone business. The more important part is the intellectual property ecosystem of IP and the services that connect to it. So for us I think you should think of the webOS being a more important component than necessarily the phone itself.

So it's essentially as we thought when Hurd talked up 'other devices' over smartphones just yesterday: HP won't drop smartphones, but it doesn't look like it's number one on their priority list. We're happy to see Hurd at least letting smartphones back into the conversation, but still troubled to see the company suggest that building a smartphone isn't all that complicated from an engineering perspective.

Hurd also talked about how the acquisition will affect their relationship with Microsoft, with whom the now compete: 'coopetition,' building a developer ecosystem (quality over quantity), and openness. In all, it's a must-watch for those reading the HP + Palm tea leaves.

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