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Change alert sound for your Email account

by Adam Marks Thu, 04 Nov 2010 1:21 pm EDT

Email Options Just as setting a ringtone is a great way to distinguish your phone from others, you can also set a unique alert or ringtone for each of your email accounts. To do this, first open up the email app, simply swipe down from the top-left to bring up the Email Application drop-down, select "Preferences & Accounts" and then tap on the specific account (in the ACCOUNTS section) you want to update. Once inside the Account setup screen, there will be a "NEW MESSAGE" section, with a row for an "Alert" option. Tap on that row and if you select "Ringtone", a third row will appear that will you can tap to choose your ringtone (for detailed directions on this process, see our Set a Ringtone tip). Just repeat this process for each of your email addresses and you will always know which account your new messages are coming in to.

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