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Change purportedly coming to Sprint Premier, you're not going to like it [rumor]

by Derek Kessler Wed, 19 Jan 2011 1:47 pm EST

Rumor has it that Sprint’s popular Premier program is due for some changes, and chances those of you that are Sprint subscribers aren’t going to like it. If you’ll recall, our favorite benefit of being a Sprint Premier member was that you qualified for a $150 discount on a new phone every year. That benefit still exists, but it’s going to be reserved for the new Gold tier of the Premier program, with the lesser Silver tier being less enticing.

Here’s how it breaks down: the Silver Premier level will be set at the current $69.99 individual plan (Everything Data with 450 minutes will suffice) and drop to $99.99 for a family price. Silver members will be eligible for a $75 upgrade credit at one year, at $150 at 22 months. The upper tier Gold plan will require at least an $89.99 individual plan (Everything Data 900), $169.99 shared plan, or at least 10 years as a Sprint customer. Being a Gold Premier member means you get to keep that $150 annual voice credit. If you’re thinking about upgrading from Everything Data to a plan that will allow you to be a Gold member, crunch the math first: it’ll cost you an extra $240 a year to save $150 on a new phone (assuming you want one). Not worth it, if you ask us.

Combined with Sprint’s recent levying of the $10 premium data fee on all new smartphone purchases, it’s starting to look as if Sprint’s efforts to save money are coming up short and they’re having to turn to the customer base (you know, the people that pay for service) to help finance continued operations and network upgrades.

Source:; Via: IntoMobile; Thanks to Lee, JD, and Nelson for the tips!