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Chapura's PocketMirror Now Version 2.0, Syncs Tasks

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Fri, 25 Dec 2009 5:51 pm EST

Tasks Screen of Chapura PocketMirror Version 2

In my earlier review of Chapura's PocketMirror program, I noted that while memos had been added to the data types that the program could synchronize between the Pre/Pixi and Microsoft Outlook, tasks were still only a promised upgrade. There were also some performance issues I noted.

Recently, version 2.0.0 of PocketMirror hit the App Catalog and, along with the latest version of the Windows desktop portion (which can be downloaded here), the program now syncs tasks as well as memos, calendar events and contacts. As with memos/notes, PocketMirror's syncing maintains categories across the two platforms, and can also support timed notifications (which work on the Pre even when the program's card is not open). Also as with memos, though, Chapura provides/requires its own standalone application for tasks, which is understandable, given the limits of the Pre's own native Tasks and Memos programs.

In my brief look at the new version, it appears that the memo application has been improved as well. The noticeable delay between the app launching and the memos being displayed is essentially gone, and the synchronization of memos seems speedier. The program still lacks sorting capabilities beyond categories (I would like to be able to sort by date created, not just alphabetically), but hopefully that will appear in a future release. There is also still no way to put a separate icon for Chapura Memos and Tasks on the launcher screen, but the Preferences menu does allow you to choose which element (Memos, Tasks or Sync) will appear when the program is first launched, with the others easily accessible via icons at the bottom of the screen.

Unfortunately, with the new tasks feature set comes an increase in price, from the former $29.95 to $39.95 (although the upgrade is free for purchasers of the earlier versions.) While it is certainly pricier than most standalone Pre apps, it is comparable to other desktop utility software, or to similar synchronization packages such as Mark/Space's The Missing Sync, and likely reflects the greater complexity and support burden of a desktop/smartphone combination software product.

Even at its higher new price, PocketMirror remains an extremely useful addition to webOS for users of notes (and now tasks) in Microsoft Outlook, as it adds the synchronization features for those elements that Palm failed to provide for the Pre and Pixi. For previous purchasers, the upgrade is both free and quite welcome.