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Check Skype credit balance

by Adam Marks Fri, 11 May 2012 6:12 pm EDT


Phone PrefsIf you have a webOS phone or TouchPad with a Skype account added to it and you make calls using Skype credit, you can keep track of your current Skype credit balance right from your device.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to just load up the Phone app (on phones) or the Phone & Video Calls app (on the TouchPad), swipe-down from the top left to bring down the Phone Application drop-down menu and choose "Check Skype Credit". You will be brought to the Skype account preferences page and you just need to scroll down to the "SKYPE CREDIT" section to see your balance. On the TouchPad, there is also a link here to "Add Credit" that will launch the web browser to the Skype website where you can buy more credit. 

Alternatively, you can also select "Preferences & Accounts" from the dropdown (instead of "Check Skype Credit"), scroll down to the ACCOUNTS section and tap on your Skype account to get to the Skype account preferences page, but why take that extra step when you have a direct link option

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