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Choose your own adventure with CyBoot

by Ryan St. Andrie Fri, 22 Jun 2012 8:46 pm EDT

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First we showed you how to install Android on your TouchPad and make it an awesome dual booting beast of a tablet. Then we showed you how to mod Android to have a  "card like" task switcher with WebCM9. We even made up a sweet webOS Nation moboot theme for all of our dual booting readers. If Android isn't your cup of tea we also had a short tutorial on how to eradicate it from your TouchPad forever. To bring this whole set of articles full circle we felt it necessary to tell our readers that have decided to keep Android on their TouchPad about a really cool app that we are sure all of you will appreciate.

So you like having Android on your TouchPad but you really only use it to scratch the occasional Netflix itch. With that said, you prefer to spend most of your time using webOS and the current moboot setup that boots to Android by default annoys you. As it stands right now when you boot up your TouchPad and get to the moboot screen you have five seconds to choose if you want to boot into webOS or Android. If you don't choose an option in that five seconds your device will default to Android. If you weren't paying attention and didn't choose webOS quick enough you will then have to reboot your system just to get back into webOS. This is a pain to say the least. This is where CyBoot from developer hiddenpremise (@grep_awesome on Twitter) comes into play.

CyBoot is a simple app that can be installed via Preware or webOS Quick Install which allows you to choose a default OS, choose an OS to boot directly to on the next restart, change the timeout for booting into the default OS, and lastly it allows you to restart your device. This app is literally as simple as they come. Upon opening the app you will be greeted to three rows of choices which are Boot Default, Next Boot, and Bootloader Timeout. Tapping Boot Default will give you a menu to select webOS or Android as the default OS for your system to boot into. If you tap on Next Boot you will have the option of choosing webOS or Android to boot into when you restart your TouchPad next. Lastly the Bootloader Timeout option will allow you to input the amount of time (in seconds) that  it will take before your TouchPad boots into the default OS you have chosen. At the bottom of the screen you will see a box to Save your settings or Restart the system.

That's about all there is to it folks! We urge all of our readers who have installed Android on their TouchPad to give this app a go. Also if you appreciate this developers hard work be sure to make a stop by the Cyboot forum thread in our forums and give the developer a big pat on the back.