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Classic 2.0 brings HotSync, full screen action, and more

by Derek Kessler Wed, 21 Oct 2009 8:32 pm EDT

Classic Alongside all those new apps that landed on Monday was an update to the Palm OS emulator known as Classic, which brought the app to version 2.0. The update brings a whole host of features to the table, including the earlier previewed bluetooth and WiFi HotSync capabilities. Classic now also can run in full screen mode (i.e. full 320x480 Palm OS magic), can quickly bring up the old Palm OS soft keyboard, handles resets better, and even sports improved power management.

But that’s not all - MotionApps has seen fit to include a bundle of Palm OS apps that you can install into Classic by just hitting the Install Free Apps button in the menu. Included are 30 Palm OS apps ranging from Aces Texas Hold’em to GooSync and from Palm VNC to GTS World Racing. A full list of the apps can be found on MotionApps’ website, though it is worth noting that while all are “free,” some of that free-ness comes in the form of time-limited trials.

Correction: "full screen mode" in Classic lets the program run in a way that ignores on-screen webOS notifications, not full screen Palm OS.