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Back in October, we wrote the eulogy for MotionApps' Classic, the PalmOS emulator for webOS that enabled users to continue to utilize legacy apps not yet available on webOS (or that had been but were on their way out, like Epocrates). According to MotionApps, Palm was dropping the necessary ROM files out of webOS 2.0, and it was leaving the market (and leaving Classic to Palm to dispose of as it wished). Of course, in this community, having a vendor say it could not or would not do something is generally heard as an invitation to do it ourselves.

So has it been with Classic. Beginning in late November, forum member/webOS developer ArthurThornton began a discussion about getting Classic running on webOS 2, and then 2.1. Early this morning, he posted a detailed set of steps, including the files needed (and webOS Doctor versions from which they come), to get Classic working again; Arthur verified it on his newly-OTA-updated Pre 2, and other users are beginning to test as well (as will we).

We know that many of you have always seen Classic as a sort of disincentive for webOS innovation, but for others, Classic was and remains a mission-critical app. For those users, help has arrived.