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by Seppel Thu, 14 Jan 2010 8:04 pm EST
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When switching from good old PalmOS to brand new & shiny webOS you'll soon realize that you can't take your memos with you! Those hundreds of text snippets you collected over the last decades have to rot in your PalmDesktop, on your Tungsten or Treo... palm somehow missed to build a functional pendant to the PalmOS-Notes-App. That funky pinboard app webOS includes is almost unusable with more than 20 notes.

So I went out to build my own ClassicNote! Including an Importer for your PalmDesktop 6.x memos, including all the features of that 20 year old PalmOS App - and including a shiny webOS GUI :)

If you like the app - feel free to


26.04.10 - 0.1.19

  • new: direct CSV-export. You have to have the filemgr-service installed for this!
  • fix: formatting shortcuts were broken since webOS 1.4.1

11.03.10 - 0.1.18

  • fix: preserve linebreaks when appending a text-file

09.03.10 - 0.1.17

  • new: append text-files (have to be *.txt files anywhere on your media partition)
  • new: the searched text gets marked when opening a memo after full-text search
  • new: change font size
  • new: insert list or unordered list
  • fix: formatting (bold & italic) using the shortcuts was broken since webOS 1.4
  • fix: some minor bugfixes...

29.01.10 - 0.1.15

  • fix: typo...
  • fix: hopefully the last bug concerning encryption
  • new: show the size of a memo in its prefs

26.01.10 - 0.1.14

  • fix: entering a new encryption password didn't work if there was no password defined before.
  • new: send whole memo to email including formatting and linebreaks

22.01.10 - 0.1.12

  • fix: bug when changing the encryption pass already encrypted memos did not got re-encrypted.
  • fix: preserve linebreaks when sending memo to email
  • new: confirm and close the password and search dialogs with the enter key

14.01.10 - 0.1.10

  • fix: some minor fixes...

12.01.10 - 0.1.9

  • fix: changing the preferences now works as it should
  • fix: "full text search" checks for encrypted memos as well
  • fix: introduced a unified internal date format to fix the problems with sort by last edit or created

04.01.10 - 0.1.8

  • new: private-flag for single memos - those memos stay hidden until you enter the "private" password
  • new: encrypted-flag for categories - those categories (and the corresponding memos) stay hidden until you enter the password for the decryption.
    the memos of this categories are saved encrypted using the webOS base64 Blowfish algorithm.
  • new: assign a template-memo to a category: the template will be used when assigning the category to a memo or you create a new memo with this category
  • new: select a color for a category. Color up your memo list...
  • fix: save category changes without tapping away from the list
  • new: saved preferences: restore last selection (category + sort by), default startup settings
  • new: saved preferences: show auto links in memos

27.12.09 - 0.1.7

  • new: order memo-list by category (incl. category as divider label)
  • new: automagically insert true links for urls and email-addresses.
  • new: info-button in memo edit mode
  • new: info-button in category edit mode

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