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A clearer look at the back of HP's mystery tablet

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Aug 2012 10:19 pm EDT

A clearer look at the back of HP's mystery tablet

What is it? Don't know for sure, but our assumptions from the peeks of this tablet we got last week still stand: It's HP's first Windows 8-powered tablet, and it doesn't look half bad. This clearer look comes from HP's new "Make it Matter" advertising campaign site, meant to show how HP technology can help you do better at whatever it is you do. Apparently what HP's ad people do is show off the back of unreleased and unannounced HP products.

From this clearer look we can see that the tablet has multiple ports across the top, including what we suspect is a headphone jack on the left end. There are also two curious raised pill shapes on either side on the metal portion - they're either strangely-placed buttons that'd be better suited for a full-size gaming tablet (like the shoulder buttons on a traditional console controller) or maybe something like little keyboard-style pop-out legs to prop the tablet up at an angle.

There are a few things we can say with certainty: this tablet has a screen in the ballpark of ten inches, the majority of the body is composed of machined metal (the way that it's shaped is just inviting an Apple lawsuit), and there's a camera with flash on the top right corner.

Oh, and we highly doubt it runs Open webOS, though thanks to the Linux Standard Kernel it's possible it could someday instead of Windows 8.

Source: HP; Via: Engadget, Phone Arena