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The app Clipboard by Inglorious Apps has proven to be quite useful over the last year for webOS smartphone owners, and now the developer plans to bring that usefulness to the TouchPad as well. The same guy that has brought you Glimpse, Notes, Pix and other cool bits of software is now putting the finishing touches on this new version of Clipboard for the TouchPad, which succeeds brilliantly in making copy and paste a bit easier to manage on the large device.

If you ever find yourself needing to copy multiple selections of text at once to work with later, Clipboard will work better for your needs than a simple note-taking application will. Copy the text using the traditional methods that are built into the device, then tap on the Clipboard notification icon or switch over to the full Clipboard app itself to quickly paste that text as a new item. Once you are ready to work with the copied data, simply go back into the app to see all of your items in a clean list view, use the search bar to find the information that you need and tap on it to reveal different options for what the app allows you to do with the text, such as email, neato! it to your PC or send it to Twitter.

There's no word yet on when the app will be available or how much it will be, though if the smartphone version is any sign, it should be somewhere around $1.43. It looks like progress is well under way with bringing the app to the bigger screen, so keep your eyes open for it in the catalog, and hit the break below to see a few more screenshots of the app in its current wonderful beta form.