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While some developers and companies have made the decision to leave the webOS ecosystem to focus on other platforms after the recent decision by HP, there are others that are showing increased dedication to webOS to support the users that continue working through all of the ups and downs. CompanionLink is one of those companies, and today they announced an upcoming update to their profile syncing solution to make it compatible with all current versions of webOS.

Using either Google's services or a USB cable, CompanionLink is able to two-way sync your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes from your webOS device and PC software (Outlook, Highrise, Salesforce and Google, to name a few). To quote their announcement page:

While CompanionLink was able to provide syncing options via Google, we could not find a way to connect via USB as we had in the past. I’m happy to announce that we plan to bring USB sync to webOS 2.x and 3.x in the coming weeks. This is a tribute to those people who have hung on to their webOS devices through thick and thin. It’s a shout out to those bloggers who have spent more than two years evangelizing the webOS platform.

We’ve had a long history with the Palm platform. While the future of webOS may be filled with uncertainty, there is one thing you can count on: we will continue to support webOS for as long as we are able!

Whether CompanionLink is actually doing this for the users or because we've seen a huge growth spike of popularity for webOS, this great news for webOS and even better news for webOS users who need a desktop syncing solution. You can get more information about CompanionLink and their soon-to-be-released update at the source link below.